Sunday, 23 March 2014


2014 has been very difficult for me and my blog. So much has been happening with the logistics for all the teams but I was not allowed to write about it. It is not that I cannot write it, but there would be consequences for me if I did. The official WTCC test that has just taken place in Valencia will signal the end for this blog and the beginning of a new season for the WTCC Truckies.

Citroen in Valencia

In 2014, we have new cars in the WTCC but also some teams have not been able to find the money, a car or a driver. I will miss the teams from RML, STR, Wiechers, PB Racing and Bamboo Engineering. I have been very lucky because the teams and individuals have trusted and allowed me access to the garages, allowed me to take photographs and given me details regarding the movements of the race trucks. And this blog would not have been possible without all this. But even though I am only concerned with the logistics of the trucks, in 2014, the teams have been trying to keep things very secretive about when and where they have been testing. This has meant that I can write nothing this year.
Also, the success and interest that my blog has generated has meant that some teams have now started using Facebook,Twitter and their own team websites to post information and pictures about the race trucks. I am busy with my job and I do not want to spend my spare time writing about "old news". I only hope that they continue to highlight the importance of the Truckies and the jobs that we do.

JAS Honda in Valencia

I was looking forward to writing about the logistics of the WTCC races in 2014. The fact that the time schedule between Morocco and France is so small, it will be interesting to see how all the teams cope with this. The logistics to get to Russia is another difficult job for the Truckies. Now that the problems in Ukraine seem to be drawing so many different countries into disagreement, could we have a more difficult job crossing the Russian border or even a cancellation of the race?
My good friends from Italy, Roal.
The "fly away" races, where we transport everything in containers, are always a challenge for the teams and I have been very lucky to have special access to the logistics. Thanks to my friends at DHL and Wietracon.
Campos Racing in Valencia
The Truckies are an integral part of any team and the logistical challenges, of a race team, should never be forgotten. I hope that the teams will continue to keep you informed via Facebook, Twitter and there websites.
Yokohama Tyre support
Testing is finished and now we get ready for the 1st race in Morocco. Thanks for reading my blog and I hope that you have enjoyed it. 

The Race Truckie.